Project: Illustration Creative Process

Client: People Love Process

Creative Director: Von Glitschka

Licensing: Available


People Love Process is a new business venture I founded with my friend Sean Ferguson. We strive to demystify the creative process by showcasing how designers and illustrators go about creating their artwork.

My latest contribution to this effort is this werewolf illustration. The source files that come with this new content includes a vector scatter brush set I created from scratch to create the immersive texturized shading used in this design. I also show you how to create vector brush as well.

So if you enjoy being inspired, or learn new tricks, I invite you to visit and check out our full offering. And use this discount code FRIENDSOFPPLLUV for 20% off.


Werewolf Illustration


The Vectors Behind the Shading Technique


Building the Werewolf Illustration


Monochromatic Werewolf Design


Vector Scatter Brush Set