Project: Vector Basic Training Second Edition Book

Client: Pearson Publishing

Author: Von Glitschka

Licensing: Available


Have you ever struggled with building vector-based artwork? Do you find the process of creating vector shapes frustrating at times? Are you confused by the software and tools and find the whole process a struggle? Then you'll benefit from the information I cover in my book.

I document a systematic creative process that will enable you to take your drawn design and create a precise vector graphic from it. It's full of helpful and inspiring information, beautiful artwork, and exhaustive process-based methodology.

Whether you need to create a logo mark, iconography, illustration, promotional graphic, etc., you'll be able to use the principles covered in my book for your entire design career.

Included with the book:

  • Universal build methods that apply to any vector application
  • Customize your workflow with tools and shortcuts
  • How to create shapes quickly by analyzing form
  • Helpful plugins for Adobe Illustrator
  • Organizing and managing complex files
  • Fundamental methods for coloring and detail
  • How to art direct yourself
  • 7+ Hours of HD screencasts covering creative techniques (View sample screencast below)
  • 4GB of resource files so you can deconstruct the art shown in the book
  • Perfect companion for my Drawing Vector Graphics courses and DVG Laboratory
  • Download sample chapter
  • Facebook page where I share additional resources, information and inspiration

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The book comes with over 7 hours of HD screencasts covering all the methods in the book. You can download and access the videos on your desktop or mobile devices. Below is a movie titled 'Refine Your Drawing' from chapter 3 of the book.