Mole Mode

Digital noise
Working and living a digital lifestyle has many benefits, but it also has its risks as well. It's way too easy through our willing acceptance of prevailing trends, and new technology to let the noise of it all permeate our workflow to such a degree that it leaves the realm of an asset, and quickly becomes debilitating to our productivity and ability to properly focus.


When this happens, I go into what I call 'Mole Mode.'

Creative Focus
An essential for any artist is the ability to focus our creative energy and get work done efficiently. It is hard enough to do in the context of real-world deadlines and demanding clients, but when you compound it with the onslaught of digital noise from a multitude of sources vying for our immediate attention, it can be downright unbearable at times.


Other than the metaphoric name I've given it, my method for time management isn't anything distinctly unique. I call it Mole Mode because a mole digs deep and buries himself in his work. A mole is fully immersed in their task of digging through the dirt looking for tasty insects and roots to consume.

BTW, the latin in the logo above 'Cavo Profundus' means to dig deep.

Mole Mode Methods:

- Shut Down Email
- Turn Off Cell Phone
- Unplug Land Lines
- Logout of Twitter
- Logout of Facebook
- Close My Studio Door
- Put on Noise Canceling Headphones
- Listen to Music or an Audio Book
- Do the Full-Tilt Creative Boogie

(If you're self-employed you may have other noise creators I didn't list like a TV for example.)


Dig Deep
Don't get me wrong, I love technology, and I thoroughly enjoy social media. That said it's vital for me to have a strategy in place so when I start to feel that level of noise reach a crescendo, and I begin to be pulled in multiple directions not being able to adequately focus on my task at hand I can appropriately deal with it and implement Mole Mode.

When I'm in Mole Mode, I dig deep and avoid the noise. Doing this allows me to optimize my productivity and gets me into that creative zone that facilitates ideation. This, of course, is far more important when I have project requirements that demand focused attention free from distraction, so I've made it an essential part of my workflow.

I encourage you to know your limits, have a plan of action figured out ahead of time, and when necessary embrace Mole Mode! Download the official Mole Mode print so you can let others know when you dig deep.

So the next time you see my post on Twitter that I'm in Mole Mode, you'll know what I mean.