Creatively Commenting

When I post on social media I, of course, like to share visuals of my work, but I also look at it as an opportunity to do some creative writing as well. For example, I recently saw a poorly handled brand logo within a post from an account that really should know better. I could have just ignored it and moved along, but I view these social interludes as an opportunity to engage an audience regarding the importance of design in all it's various forms.

Creatively commenting on a Sharks post.

Creatively commenting on a Sharks post.

After commenting on the Sharks post, I received a notification of someone liking my comment and posting their own. So I revised the thread and was reading through it and discovered the above comment that took my information and re-worded a few things and posted it as their own. 

I've never run into this type of comment plagiarism before? I find it odd that someone would do this within the same thread of comments as mine? I'm going to call it as I see it, joke stealing.

But my offer to Robert Herjavec stands, I'd love to show him how this could be improved upon.