Project: Core Value Poster Designs

Client: Bookbyte

Marketing Director: Diego Lugli

Creative Director: Von Glitschka


Bookbyte is a fast-growing company that sells used textbooks online. The company culture is very inclusive, they encourage and support innovation and input from all employees.

To help facilitate and promote this positive attitude they developed a core set of values and wanted to communicate them in a fun artistic way through in-house posters their employees could interact with.

The final illustrations are done in a fun yet sophisticated linear style that showcases each of their core values.


Be the Seed, the Water and the Sun

Live for Health

Point Out the Good Stuff

Have the Heart to Speak and Listen

Be a Super Hero

Own Up to It!

You're Not the Only Freaking Person in the World!

Embrace Your Wacky Side

Family Matters

Along with the in-house poster designs I provided I also formatted and delivered the artwork as individual spot illustrations they could use on their print collateral and promotions moving forward as well.