Creative Consultation

At Glitschka Studios we want to help make the creative industry a better place for all involved and our mentor-based content provides a variety of ways you can engage with our information and tap into our knowledge base of creative experience to improve your core skills and grow as a designer or illustrator.

Below are a variety of skill-based disciplines and links to our creative resources that cover them, but if you prefer a more formal one-on-one consultation, you can also contact and schedule a video conference call as well.

We look forward to helping you pursue your passion, making them a reality, and equipping your creative career.


One-on-One Sessions

Consulting and mentoring is best done one-on-one via a video conference call where a topic can be more thoroughly explained and demonstrated through screen sharing if necessary. If you have questions about your business, career, creative process, portfolio audits and reviews, or vector-based work in Adobe Illustrator than schedule an available time below and let's talk.

I do my very best to encourage those who seek out advice and ask questions. But in the process of auditing your situation, critiquing your work and how you position yourself from a marketing point of view I may discover things I feel are affecting your progress. I bring this up because this type of conversation can be uncomfortable to hear when it's associated with something you're very passionate about. My goal is to help clarify the causation of what frustrates you, or is holding you back from moving to a new level of work so we can strategize how to change course and fix it.   

Our rate is $50 for 30 minutes or $85 per hour payable via PayPal. Book two hours or more and get a FREE copy of my book Vector Basic Training.


Logo Design and Branding Resources

The following skill-based design courses cover the entire creative process from concept to completion and give a thorough walk-through on pre-design research, client expectations, ideas, vector building methods for brand-centric motifs, color exploration, presenting to clients, responding to feedback, creating brand style guides and facilitating a flexible identity system for clients big and small. We want to help you improve your approach to brand identity.

All content is provided via LinkedIn Learning and includes access to exercise files. The videos are listed below in order, and each reinforces one another. 


Illustration Resources

The following skill-based illustration courses cover the entire creative process from initial thumbnail drawings, tight sketches, fundamental vector-building methods, lighting, diverse styles, refinement, color composition, textures, detailing and final artwork. Improving these creative skills will enable you to leverage them for a lifetime.

All content is provided via LinkedIn Learning and includes access to exercise files. The videos are listed below in order, and each reinforces one another. 


Diverse Resources

Building diversity of skills makes your more valuable as a creative. The following content covers such topics as repeat pattern design, hand lettering, social media for graphic designers, how to respond to copyright infringement, drawing exercises and a whole lot more. Our creative content has something for everyone.

All content is provided via LinkedIn Learning and includes access to exercise files.



Each week in Drawing Vector Graphics Laboratory (#DVGLab) we cover a broad gamut of creative projects where we experiment with new styles and methods to design and illustrate our ideas. We also answer viewer questions, so If you have a question you’d like me to address in a future DVG Lab, please email me at

All content is provided via LinkedIn Learning and includes access to exercise files. Find a complete list of DVG Lab videos at


Complete Creative Course List

A complete list of all our creative courses and content can be found via LinkedIn Learning and includes access to exercise files at


Speaking Engagements and Creative Workshops

Von's talks are practical and humorous narratives, laced with relevant information, creative insights, and inspiring conclusions. He's spoken at SXSW, AIGA, AAF, HOW Design Live, Adobe MAX, TEDx, High 5, Creative South, Creative Works, Creative Pro, DUY Uruguay, Revolve and ICON The Illustration Conference. Let's talk.

We also offer creative workshops we can do with your in-house team, local creative chapter, design event or conference.

  • Vector Master Class: A three-hour deep dive into the fundamentals of create precise vector artwork. Let's talk.

  • Monster Drawing Workshop: Based on our online course, we'll take your group through a hands on creative adventure. Let's talk.

  • Custom Workshop: Hire us to create a custom workshop for your specific needs. Let's talk.


How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Freelance Designer

Many designers do not have an active design practice outside of their day job. But pursuing creativity outside your day-to-day work environment—plus sharing that work with others—will help you grow and thrive throughout your career. This talk originally presented for InVision covers:

  • The power of personal projects

  • Demystifying your creative process

  • Building an audience

  • Increasing your potential for securing new work