Project: Freestyle Drawing

Event: Creative South Conference

Illustrator: Von Glitschka


Every so often you find yourself part of a unique moment, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was contacted by my friend Dylan Menges and invited to be part of his five artist team to draw on a brand new Bentley at the Creative South Conference in Columbus, Georgia. Of course, I've never drawn on any car before, let alone one worth $185,000. So my answer was a simple "Hell yes!"

I have to admit I was very intimidated by this creative task. I get nervous if my cat watches me work, so having a few hundred people watching me draw on the most expensive canvas I've ever used was kind of scary at first. But I love to draw, so after an initial few minutes I was in the zone and the time flew by quickly.

Everyone did a great job, and it was a total blast! I'm very thankful to have had the opportunity. How could I not enjoy drawing skulls, an eyeball and other nefarious themed images on a kick-ass set of wheels like this? Enjoy the pictures.