Project: Brand Identity Design

Client: Futility Podcast

Creative Director: Von Glitschka


When the hosts of The Futility Closet podcast contacted me to rebrand their iTunes show I was thrilled. What they didn't know is that I was already a long time fan and listener of their weekly broadcast. You can listen to their show here.

The hosts Greg and Sharon Ross research and share an adventure in ideas, exploring the past, re-awakening insights, revealing lost history, and showcasing intriguing stories through colorful narrative.

This makes their content fun yet sophisticated, peculiarly wonderful, unexpected, and they bring a fictional mystic to non-fictional material every week and their listeners are fascinated and most definitely a curious lot.

Meet Mr. Curious the embodiment of this ideal. He's fun yet sophisticated. He's memorable like the tales you share and he is a gentleman connoisseur of all things curious.

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