Project: Brand Identity and Iconography System

Client: IRi Worldwide

Creative Director: Amy Jo Wimmer

Art Director: Von Glitschka


IRi Worldwide specializes in monetizing big data to enable a company, product, or services growth. We were hired to brand their Q-IRi system and design an iconography system that aligns with their parent brand.

Our iconic solutions reflect the various aspects of their real-time analytics engine that uses prescriptive analytics – data mining, analytic algorithms, and technology – to proactively push out analyses, opportunities, and recommendations for their clients using it.



Q-IRi Brand Iconography System


Logotype Lockups


Iconic Craftsmanship

The perception most people have regarding iconography design is that it’s simple. The geometric shapes may be simple, but communicating complex ideas quickly in a deduced graphic style takes a lot of thoughtful consideration. So when we create these visual metaphors we obsessive over the details, balancing both negative and positive space, retaining aesthetic attributes to establish continuity throughout an entire icon set, so they work as a family.

Our creative process may look cluttered in the context of exploring a diverse range of potential icon designs, and we create and reject far more than what a project requires, but the methodology behind our creative chaos is intrinsic in producing distilled concepts.