Project: Keyboard Characters

Client: Glitschka Studios

Art Director: Von Glitschka

Licensing: Available


 This creative promotion is an oldie, but a goodie. These desktop characters need a loving, creative home. Originally designed to insert into keyboards, people have ended up using them in all sorts of ways from book markers, taping them to the back of their monitor, so they peek over the top, BB-Gun targets, etc. So I encourage you to infest your desk with this set of eleven illustrative characters. 

KEYBOARD CHARACTERS SET (Limited supply available to US residents only)
- Order Keyboard Characters ($15)

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Keyboard Character Packaging

Keyboard Characters: Pet Monster, Feed Your Imagination, Corporate Cat

Keyboard Characters: Evil Corporate Suit, Riled Rover, Cubicle Zombie

Keyboard Characters: DZGN-BOT, Office Joker, Monkey Boy

Keyboard Characters: Desktop Dragon, Fish Bowl