Project: Brand Identity

Clients: Diverse

Creative Director: Von Glitschka


We obsess over logo design. Approaching every clients visual identity with thorough research, and impeccable craftsmanship. We strive to deliver brand logo designs that will equip a companies marketing efforts and provide unique graphic communication to their intended audience.

Whether you’re a multi-national corporation or a small business start up, we apply the same level of care to each and every logo we create and we’d love to work with you on a project.

You can download additional logo samples here.


Logo Design: Restaurant


Logo Designs: Healthy Vending, Beverage Company

Logo Design: Women’s Roller Derby Team


Logo Designs: Investment Firm, Software Developer

Logo Designs: Municipal Branding, Ministry

Logo Design: Tropical Resort in South America

Logo Designs: Color Analytics, Robotics Club

Logo Designs: Mens Attire and Grooming Supplies


Logo Designs: Municipal Branding

Logo Design: Coffee Company


Logo Designs: Farm Technologies, Waste Water Products

Logo Design: Charter Airline Service

Logo Designs: Architecture Firm, Piloting Software

Logo Design: Taco Crawl • Salem, Oregon


Logo Designs: Nerd Radio Podcast, Cellular Provider

Logo Designs: IT Services, Public Marketing Campaign

Logo Design: Hotel Cocktail Bar

Logo Designs: Architecture Firm, Trampoline Product

Logo Designs: Film Industry Service, Electric Vehicle Coalition

Logo Design: Music Festival


Logo Designs: Insurance Company, Professional Organizer

Logo Design: Tattoo Shop

Logo Designs: Seed Distributor, Server Security Software

Logo Design: National Security Agency (NSA)


Logo Designs: Medical Facility, Writers Society

Logo Designs: Food Truck, Web Developer

Logo Design: Photographer


Logo Designs: Threat Assessment Conference