Project: The Night Owl Society

Client: Glitschka Studios

Art Director: Von Glitschka


A common denominator found in most Independent creatives is their penchant for burning the midnight oil. Our creative juices tend to flow best under the shroud of darkness. We thrive in the quiet of the night; we are Night Owls. This unique demographic has inspired The Night Owl Society, and our manifesto sums up our creative drive and personality:

“Our nocturnal tribe soars at midnight. We are the night owls – whose pixels, presses, polygons, and projects flourish best under obsidian skies.”

If you’re passionate about your work, and your ideas fly best during the hour's others tend to sleep than a membership eagerly awaits you. All members will receive a “Night Owl Creative Pack” which includes the following cool content and productive resources:

  • Silk-screened Art Print Signed by Artist (8.5 x 11 Inches)
  • Night Owl Society Wallpaper (Shown Below)
  • (3) Free Stickers
  • (2) High-Res Texture Sets
  • Night Owl Membership Certificate
  • Glitschka Studios Tear Sheets
  • Go Against the Flow Art Print
  • Access to The Night Owl Society Private Facebook Group

NIGHT OWL CREATIVE PACK (Limited supply available to US residents only)
- Order Creative Pack ($18)

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Night Owl Logo

Night Owl Society Art Print

Night Owl Wallpaper

Download wallpaper for your iPad here.