Project: Brand Identity

Clients: OneStop Pro

Creative Director: Von Glitschka


We love helping small business owners transform their brand identity, while equipping them to compete at the same visual level of a national brand so they can market themselves more effectively and grow their business.

On this project we started with a Chicago-based companies existing name ‘DFC Mechanical’ and through name exploration created a stronger brand-centric name of ‘OneStop Pro’ that will build equity over time and open up an opportunity for franchise growth later.

We also developed a catchy slogan that'll eventually turn into an ad jingle: One Promise, One Goal...OneStop Pro

The same principles that a national brand uses can also be applied at a local level. And we thrive on facilitating these efforts with small business owners so they have a firm foundation they can successfully build upon.

I'm passionate about delivering beautiful and effective identities for my clients. If you're curious to see my creative process behind this project, it's been thoroughly documented in a design course I produced for and LinkedIn Learning titled 'Brand Redesign' which you can access here.


Brand Logo (Primary)

Modular Logotype

Brand Logo (Secondary)

Service Icons


Vehicle Graphics

Business Card Design

Technician Uniform

Customer Service Magnets

OneStop Buck (Leave Behind Marketing)

Service Brochure (Outside Spread)

Service Brochure (Inside Spread)

Yard Sign

Trade Publication Ad