Project: Stock Art Set

Client: Glitschka Studios

Art Director: Von Glitschka


Every four years during the election cycle, publications big and small re-use the same old political icons in their print material and websites. Some are good, but far too many of them are just down right ugly. So I decided to create a stock political icon set.


POLITICAL ICON SET (Adobe Illustrator CC & CS5 Format)
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Democrats and Republican Stock Icons

Our two party system dispenses an endless supply of BS that stacks so high neither side of our two party system can see over or through it. They just enjoy tossing it at one another until the whole process stinks to high heaven. So I think it’s time to broaden the political zoo in the United States by introducing a new visual metaphor for those who want to get above and beyond the stench of crap being shoveled by Washington.

If you're an independent thinker, and you don't fit into the pre-fabricated mold of either a Donkey or an Elephant, than you just might be a Giraffe? Democrats are blue, Republicans are red, and Giraffes are gold.

The Complete Set of Political Icons (Poop-Free)

Sure we can vote, but that hasn't really changed anything in the land of bureaucrats. As creatives though, we have the potential to shape and mold perceptions with the designs we create. So let the graphic revolution begin.