Project: Editorial Illustrations

Client: SAIF Corporation

Creative Director: Mary Ann Potter

Illustrators: Savannah Glitschka, Von Glitschka


Retaining creativity, humor and an impactful visual narrative can be challenging when the subject matter is very sensitive and controversial. So when the SAIF corporation magazine COMPNEWS did a feature on workplace impairment they hired us to produce the editorial illustrations.

Our challenge was to produce engaging images that would communicate delicate topics like employees using illicit drugs, the danger of sleep deprivation, and drinking on the job.


Front and Back Cover Artwork

Cover Spread

Inside Spread

Spread Illustration

Spot Illustrations: Encouraging Workers, Oregon State Drug Abuse Problems

Spot Illustrations: Intoxication of Adults, Prescription Drug Problems

Spot Illustrations: Drinking at Work, Impairment Less Productive

Spot Illustrations: Sleep Deprivation, Employee Use of Marijuana

Spot Illustrations: Create Drug-Free Workplace Policies, Driving While Impaired