Project: Tribal Design

Client: Glitschka Studios

Creative Director: Von Glitschka

Licensing: Available


Glitschka Studios creates unique tribal styled design motifs available for licensing purposes. Design work in simple black and white and can also be customized with color for specific context of use.


Samurai Tribal Design

Tribal Designs: Samurai, Gazelle, Serpent

Gazelle Tribal Design

Tribal Designs: Bear, Fierce Face, Phoenix

Serpent Tribal Design

Bat Tribal Design

Ornamental Tribal Face Design

Tribal Designs: Scorpion, Nefarious, Orbis

Koi Fish Tribal Design

Tribal Designs: Skull & Top Hat, Lion, Armadillo, Koi Fish, Sun

Owl Tribal Design

Dark Matter Tribal Design

Wicked Tribal Face

Black Bird Tribal Design

Nisqually Tribal Design