Project: Painting with Vectors

Client: LinkedIn Learning

Illustrator: Von Glitschka

Licensing: Available


When people think of vector artwork they don't think of a traditional aesthetic. What usually comes to mind is simple, graphic and clean shapes. So we created our own custom vector brushes in order to produce a very authentic painterly look and feel with all the flexibility that digital provides. This is what I call painting with vectors. Below are several examples of what you can produce with our DragStrip 2 Brush Set.

You can watch my course here: ‘Painting with Vectors’


Painted Snake

Detail of Painted Snake

Bird Brain

Detail of Bird Brain

Pak and Sal

Detail on Pak and Sal

Painted Rooster

Deep Six


All of the above illustrations were created using my DragStrip 2 vector brush set. You can get it at Retro Supply Co. The set includes all the brushes shown below, access to a video tutorial, and a step-by-step guide.